Smoke bubble machine, there is smoke in the bubble, which is beautiful and fun

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      • Simple shape design, cartoon shape, innovative gameplay
      • The newly developed environmentally friendly bubble water has high elasticity and is not easily broken
      • The water mist generated by the smoke device is non-toxic and does not choke the nose, which is safer
      • Colorful lights, fun music, fun is not monotonous
      • Comfortable grip is more suitable for children's small hands

      Distribute a pair of special wool gloves, you can beat the bubbles when you wear them, you can play alone, and you can also interact with the children (please keep the gloves dry, if the gloves are too wet, the bubbles may break)

      Special bubble water, blowing colorful bubbles, with higher elasticity, less consumption, environmental protection, non-toxic and healthy green (ordinary bubble liquid is not elastic and cannot be used)

      Atomizer device is added to make every bubble filled with white smoke, novel and interesting, no chemical composition, environmental protection and non-toxic, no choking nose, you can play with confidence

       New watertight cup: anti-spill design, the bubble stick easily penetrates the bottom of the cup to pick up the liquid, and then quickly resumes closing, effectively preventing the bubble water from overflowing (note that the cup cannot be inverted, the bottom opening must be up, the bubble liquid is poured The water level line must not be crossed when entering)

      • Smoke bubble machine * 1
      • Waterproof cup * 1
      • Gloves * 2
      • Special bubble liquid * 2(Purchase separatelyï¼?/span>
      • Screwdriver * 1
      • Sling * 1
      • Battery 1.5V * 4