Mini multi-layer cake tray 4 cavity

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  • We all ask ourselves probably on a weekly basis: "What''s better than cake?". In fact this question has plagued mankind for millennia. But now we finally have an answer, which is of course multi-tiered cakes. How it took this long for humanity to find the solution, I don't know, but he were are. There's now a pan that lets you create your very own mini multi-tiered cakes all in one, and they can be made a whole lot quicker and easier than actually making multiple tiers of cake separately and stacking them onto one another after baking.

    Perfect for bridal/baby showers, weddings, anniversary parties, or just for a fantastic family dessert, the mini multi-tiered cake pan lets you pour in the batter into the pan and bake the multi-tiered cake upside down. It then features an easy release to easily get the cake out when it's done baking. Which the non-stick coating also makes for super easy cleanup afterwards.

    There are now three sizes to choose from, small, medium and large
    The corresponding sizes are as follows:

    The mini multi-tiered cake pan is made from heavy-duty aluminized-steel, which is superior for heat conduction along with even baking throughout each cake.

    Package includes: Mini multi-layer cake tray pack of 4