Drawer Type Shoe Box-Stacking Storage Box Shoes Container

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  • Drawer Type Shoe Box-Stacking Storage Box Shoes Container

    We are a wholesale seller of household products in China, and the unit price of the products is very low. Because we need to ship the product to the United States, our freight is charged based on weight, so when you buy a large number of products, you will see a relatively high freight, but the overall price is cheaper than other sellers in the market.

    Our shoe storage box has a detachable front door, so you can easily access your shoes even if they are stacked or placed on a high shelf. The clear front and sides allow you to see what is inside at a glance.

    Embrace new fashion

    • Cutting-edge design, smooth experience. The fourth generation is progressive, designed according to mechanical principles, which makes walking more labor-saving.
      Drawer design, one hand can push and pull the contact between the hand and shoes as much as possible to reduce the contact with dust.
      Many details have become extraordinary, focusing on the details of the process, and are committed to bringing users a smooth experience.
      Pull the door open at an angle of 120 degrees, lift the shoe effortlessly, and lead the shoe into the fresh air box.
      Pick up the shoes. save time.

    Scene: bedroom, living room, storage room, balcony.
    Product features: covered, stackable.
    Product category: shoe box.
    Specifications: 3 floors.
    pattern: plain.
    Material: PP
    Size: length * width * height = 33 * 24 * 13 cm (shoes below US8.5)
    Update size: L * W * H = 34 * 25 * 18.2 cm (shoes under US14)
    Video pull-out shoebox: L * W * H = L * W * H = 13 * 9.05 * 5.5 inches

      The packaging includes:
      1 shoe box